The Brewery

In relocating in 1980 from its original site in the city centre to a green field site in Gateshead the opportunity arose to create a state-of-the-art brewing operation. The principle was to combine traditional methods with modem technology.

Keeping those traditions meant that the Brewery still uses its original sources of water and raw materials. The most important traditional asset, namely the unique Federation yeast, is still carefully nurtured by the Brewing Team.

The Brewery prides itself on producing a wide range of ales and lagers and throughout its history has continued to win awards for its products, nationally with Ales and internationally with Lagers.

One product in particular repeatedly proves itself a world beater. LCL Pils was judged as the Best Bottled Lager in the World in the International Brewing Awards Competition in 1987.

Subsequently, while winning a series of other awards, LCL Pils was judged to be one of the top three Premium Draught Lagers in the World at the Brewing Industry International Awards held in 1998. World at the Brewing Industry International Awards held in 1998

Brian Dawson, the Head Brewer, and his Team are proud of their successes, won in open competition against major National and International Brewers.