Founded in 1919 the Federation Brewery is a significant and successful Regional Brewery operating from its production base in the North East of England.

After a long tradition of Brewing in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, which saw the site expanded to its maximum capacity, the Brewery moved across the river in 1980 to a new state-of-the-art brewery in Gateshead where it continues to produce an award winning range of ales and lagers.

The Federation Brewery has a proud and fascinating history for it is more than simply a Regional Brewer, it is uniquely a co-operative enterprise and it exists for the benefit of its member customers.


The Brewery grew out of a spirit of enterprise generated in the post First World War period when a group of North East of England working mens clubs formed an independent co-operative to build their own brewery. The clubs created the Brewery and, in turn, the Brewery soon grew strong enough to breath new life into the clubs.

Wile that valued relationship and core business continues, the Brewery has, over the years, widened its customer base and distributes an award winning portfolio of beers and lagers throughout the UK and to the continent.

The Federation Brewery are also producers of significant volumes of can beers, both under their own name and as own label on behalf of major retailers.

Unlike other brewers The Federation Brewery does not operate its own estate of public houses. All sales are through an ever widening spread of Free Trade clubs, hotels, restaurants and off-licence trade.

Federation Brewery has held the distinction over many years of being the major supplier of beers to the Houses of Parliament.